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Campus: Brescia

Department of Communication and Performing Arts

Office hours:

Milan: Monday, from 4 to 6 p.m. - Almed Directors Office, Via S. Agnese, 2 - 3th floor
Brescia: Tuesday from 4 to 5 p.m. - Office Via Trieste, 13


Tel. Milan: +390272342814 Brescia: +390302406247
Fax: +39 02 7234 2815
e-mail: ruggero.eugeni@unicatt.it
Skype: ruggero.eugeni
Personal web site: ruggeroeugeni.com


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Ruggero Eugeni is full professor of Media Semiotics at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan. He is also the Director of "Almed", the Postgraduate School in Media, Communication and Performing Arts of the same University, and the Head of the School of Journalism.  

His interests are focused on the living / lived media experience, as defined both in historical / sociological terms, and in phenomenological / neurocognitive terms. He's working on the project of a "semiotic of media experience". From this point of view, he analyzes the relation between cinema and hypnosis.

His leading works are "Analisi semiotica dell'immagine. Pittura, illustrazione, fotografia" [Semiotic Analysis of the Image. Painting, Graphics, Photography], Milan, new ed. 2004; "Film, sapere, società. Per un'analisi sociosemiotica del testo cinematografico" [Film, Culture, Society. For a Socio-semiotic Analisys of the Film], Milano, 1999; "La relazione d'incanto. Studi su cinema e ipnosi" [The Enchanted Relationship. Studies on Film and Hypnotism], Milano, 2002. His most recent work is "Semiotica dei media. Teoria e analisi dell'esperienza mediale" [Media semiotics. Theory and analysis of media experience], Roma, 2010.

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