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Campus: Brescia

Department of Communication and Performing Arts

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Milan: Monday, from 4 to 6 p.m. - Almed Directors Office, Via S. Agnese, 2 - 3th floor
Brescia: Tuesday from 4 to 5 p.m. - Office Via Trieste, 13


Tel. Milan: +390272342814 Brescia: +390302406247
Fax: +39 02 7234 2815
e-mail: ruggero.eugeni@unicatt.it
Skype: ruggero.eugeni
Personal web site: ruggeroeugeni.com


A theory and a model of analysis of media experience. This topic represents the general framework for more specific research projects. The research aims to develop a theory and a model for analysing media experiences, considered as living and lived, embodied, situated forms of social experience. The approach starts from a semiotic and culturological background, but gathers many hints from phenomenological reflection and takes into account the latest results of cognitive neuroscience. See in particular the book Semiotica dei media. Le forme dell'esperienza, summarized in the Working Paper "A Theory of Media Experience", downloadable from the "Publications" page.

The intermedia network within contemporary urban spaces. This field of research addresses the inter-media user experiences that take place in contemporary urban spaces; it takes into account phenomena such as the dissemination of the screens in the public spaces or the practices of personal use of "nomadic" media (through devices such as mobile phones, iPod, iPad, etc.). The goal is to understand how such phenomena contribute to make evident (or at the opposite to hide) some contemporary political and social trends; from this point of view urban spaces are seen as spaces of "aesthetization" of social and political trends. See in particular the working paper "Nikeplatz. The Urban Space as a New Medium", downloadable from the "Publications" page.

Cinema and hypnosis: a constitutive relationship. This field of research investigates the relationships between cinema and hypnosis, and considers the hypnosis as a key feature of the filmic experience, from its origins. The field of Research is divided into two parts. The first one traces the genesis of the "modern" device of hypnosis, on which is based the metaphorical shift towards the cinematic experience. The second part analyzes the cinematic depictions of hypnosis in film history, with the intention of tracing an hidden story of the meta representation of cinema device into movies. See especially the volume La relazione d'incanto, summarized in the article "The Phantom of the relationship, the Poverty of Cinema and the Excesses of Hypnosis" downloadable from the "Publications" page

Key words: film studies; media studies; film semiotics; media semiotics; cinema semiotics; consciousness; experience; intermediality; urban spaces; hypnotism; enonciation; 

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